Our Boujee Collections

So what does Boujee mean?

“Luxurious in lifestyle, yet humble in character”

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Closing Wednesday 3/4/2024 10pm AEDT. 15% off in-stock price. 

Order NOW as not all designs will not be in our restock or guaranteed to be offered in another preorder in the future. 

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Customers Testimonials
Customers Testimonials

    Awesome Artwork!

    The transfer art is amazing, stands out and looks amazing across different tees and hoodies

    Very Beautiful!

    I really love the styes. It matches very well with the theme of our store. It's very boho Boujee chic and the colours are just on point with all of our other supply!

    I love it so much!

    It's so well done and the design is just absolutely the perfect addition.

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